Accent™ Ceramic Brackets | .022 Roth

Accent™ Ceramic Brackets are an excellent choice for patients who prefer a cosmetic bracket. Material blends naturally with teeth.


  • High strength, functionality and exceptional patient comfort for an economical price.
  • Highly resistant to breakage.
  • Smooth rounded surfaces to minimise patient discomfort, undercut tie wings for ample ligation room, and trouble fee bonding and easy debonding.
  • The bonding base is channelled to hold adhesive and prevent bracket shift.
  • Bicuspids available with a unihook.
  • Unihooks offer strength and functionality while reducing the number of brackets in your inventory.


Brand: OrthoQuest
Case: 3×3 Upper, 3×3 Upper w/Hook, 5×5 Upper, 5×5 Upper 345 w/Hook, 5×5 Upper Cuspid w/Hook, 5×5 Upper/Lower, 5×5 Upper/Lower 345 w/Hook, 5×5 Upper/Lower Cuspid w/Hook
Size: 0.022
Prescription: Roth
Material: Ceramic


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