CuTANIUM Archwires


CuTanium archwires are a copper NiTi wire with well-controlled progression of forces, smooth surface finish, and controlled transformation properties. Youll see less load variations and better load progression control between sizes.

CuTaniums controlled manufacturing process ensures consistent transformation properties. CuTanium is offered in three force levels and is available with etched or dimpled center marks. CuTanium is manufactured in the USA to precise tolerances and standards.

Our wires are regularly tested against competitive wires and continually perform with equal or better results than any other wire.

  • Well-controlled progression of forces
  • Controlled unloading forces
  • Less load variations
  • Better load progression control between size
  • Controlled manufacturing processes for consistent transformation properties
  • Smooth surface finish on wires
  • Greater offering of sizes and archforms to compliment your treatments

Available Archforms and Wires


Click here for an easy archform conversion chart.

Click here to see full cycle graphs for Solitaire™ SE NiTi, Heat Activated NiTi and Ultra Tº Heat Activated NiTi archwires.



Lower, Upper


Natural Dimpled, Solitaire 'S' Pre-Stopped Damon

ArchWire Size

013, 014, 014×025, 016, 016×022, 016×025, 018, 018×025, 019×025


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