Fussen Imaging Plate Scanner

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Digitalised Intraoral Image Plate Scanning and Processing System.

Flexible, Intelligent, High-definition, Unlimited Connection.

Flexible Multifuctional Imaging Plate

  • Maximising product value: up to 2000 times for everyone piece of imaging plate
  • Thickness at 0.1mm & 270 degree bend
  • 4 sizes optional

Highly Self-Adapted Imaging Plate Scanner

  • Smart sensing: security¬† & lossless guaranteed by touching control tray for pushing in dental films
  • Smart testing: auto-identifying size of dental film
  • Smart scanning: auto-reading dental films plugged
  • Smart erasing: auto clearing trace of dental film after reading
  • Smart waiting: immediate use achieved by pushing-out after scanning
  • Smart Optimising: auto-adjusting optional contrast & brightness
  • Smart energy-saving: auto-switch over energy’s-saving mode when a device stops using.

High Definition X-Ray Image

Data print & output format – Support DICOM and ordinary printers

Data export with DICOM, DICOMDIR, BMP and JPG supportable.

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