Thrive with Fibre PLUS Probiotics – 8oz – Retail Bag

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Introducing THRIVE® Plus with probiotics! A sweet that makes smiles bigger and tummies happier. The THRIVE®™ PLUS  has so many great benefits it’s difficult to know where to begin! This tangy and great tasting line of lollipops has fiber, cavity fighting xylitol and erythiritol as sweeteners, while also having probitoics! They come in three great flavors: strawberry, blackberry and orange.

Benefits per serving (2 lollipops): Only 28 calories, 11 grams of dietary fiber (40% of Daily Value), 6 grams of cavity fighting Erythritol and Xylitol (dentist recommended amount), 2 billion CFUs (amount of probiotic) The probiotic ingredients in THRIVE®+ supports digestive health, immune health and protein utilization as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. If you’re new to probiotics or just want to shake up your probiotic routine, add some of Dr. John’s THRIVE®+ to your daily diet and you won’t be disappointed!

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