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Transport Monitor For Intimate Care


As of 1st October 2019 all dental practitioners providing IV sedation will need to add sidestream Capnography (EtCO2) to the list of metrics that they are required to monitor.
Usually $3995.00 + GST. Now $3495.00 + GST until 1st October 2019.




  • Ergonomic Operation – User-friendly interface and simplified operations make the monitoring more effective.
  • 8.4? LED Screen – Energy conservation and HD display offers more comfortable and cleaner care environment.
  • Compact design with only 2.2kg weight, makes transport easier.
  • Scan and Save – Spot check by scanning the barcode, patient info being saved automatically.
  • High-Capacity Lithium Battery – Up to 6 hours capacity totally meet the power requirement of ambulance and transportation.
  • Handy operation – 2 steps can complete 80% of common operations, the touch-screen can allow operations to become more easy and fluent.
  • Comprehensive Cllinical Care – Six configurable, advanced parameters maximize the confidence of clinical diagnosis.



with WCMS-88 Central Monitoring System

  • Comprehensive Clinical Application – With scanner and WPM-80, patient info can be saved automatically to central monitoring system for user?s convenience.
  • Practical Clinical Application -Up to 64 monitors can be connected,Up to 19 monitors can be checked by single screen,More than 39 monitors can be checked by dual-screen ,
  • Review and print uncompressed holographic wave within 72 hours.
  • Bidirectional control makes one-stop Info management come true.