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DRC is Proudly 100% New Zealand-Owned, Supplying the Dental Industry for 20 Years.


Our commitment to the Dental community is to supply an extensive range of high quality innovative products at very reasonable prices.


We supply a large range of high quality, innovative Orthodontic products at competitive prices.

Oral Care

Look no further for products to support your patients dental care, enabling them to continue their ongoing oral care regime.

A Good Night’s Sleep Sleep Better. Snore Less. Use Xlear. Your body functions on a sleep-wake cycle called the circadian rhythm. Staying in sync with this rhythm is vital to maintaining the overall health of the body, including mental health. Fail to maintain a proper......

It’s Allergy Season About fifty million people in the United States suffer from hayfever. Otherwise known as seasonal allergic rhinitis.  Allergens normally begin spreading in the spring, when plants begin to release pollen. However, research is showing that allergy season tends to get worse every......

Mäkinen KK1, Bennett CA, Hujoel PP, Isokangas PJ, Isotupa KP, Pape HR Jr, Mäkinen PL. Abstract Dental caries is a pandemic infectious disease which can affect the quality of life and consumes considerable health care resources. The chewing of xylitol, sorbitol, and even sugar gum......